Recover lost of forgotten passwords on any system.

When you don’t have your passwords, you can’t access your files, and if your application doesn’t have built-in password recovery features, you need assistance from qualified experts.

DATACOPY provides specialized password recovery services for businesses and personal computer users. Our engineers use innovative utilities to run through thousands of potential passwords, and by drawing on substantial experience with various applications, we can return your passwords within days under most circumstances.

As with all of our data recovery solutions, our password recovery services feature a no data, no charge policy.

Supported file formats include:

  • Windows XP/2000/NT
  • Mac OS X
  • Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • WinZip PKZip ZIP
  • VBA Visual Basic modules
  • Lotus FileMaker, Peachtree, and Other Database Management Systems
  • Web Browsers, Spreadsheets and More

DATACOPY can provide real results, and each of our laboratories is fully equipped for password recovery.